Notes on a Scorecard

Hi everyone, Da Harv here. And the music that’s coming up and under is that of a gal named Sarah Vaughn and her trio. It was recorded about 20 years ago in a place called Mister Kelly’s in Chicago.

The other night I was having a dream, which I tend to do now. I put a book down after catching a couple hours of sleep and next thing you know something pops into my head. I think I’m awake, but I’m not. I’m having a dream. And this one is called: “Notes on a Scorecard”. But I’m not gonna keep score… But here’s the question: Who’s keeping score? It used to be a mom, a dad that made me happy and glad. If I was a good boy, a new baseball glove would be coming my way. Who put them in charge? At home it was my mom. I never got to vote on what was right or wrong. “Just wait until your father gets home” she warned me. More often than not. Did they go to school and study the art of telling all of us what to do? No, nothing I can say for sure. Other than one simple rule: Under their roof they took total charge. So, when I opened my eyes in the morning. Uh oh it was a dream. So, I grabbed the pad that’s on the side of my bed and jotted some notes down and here’s what came out:

Try talking about nothing

Praying nothing is in the air

No need to create a space

Don’t concern yourself with dreams

Often they might bring despair

Whatever happened to good dreams?

Like school was out

Riding a horse on a carousel

Changing into play clothes

Before the playground

Returning home a winner

Every breeze seemed gentle

It was always summer

I dreamed my dreams without despair

A little boy, free without a care

Till next time. So long from Da Harv

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