Notes on a page…

Hold on to it
It came upon me
New and bright
Then eyes opened
Savoring yesterday’s delight
Enjoyable fleeting
My own moment or two
Feet firmly planted
Stepping down from my bed
Craving remembrance
Of my dearest dream ever
Struggling to recapture
My momentary delight 
Then a blink
Reality of the day
Where did it go
Only a dream
I know
Done it before
Like many
Wanting it to last
Needing much more
I loved my dream
Ever praying for its encore
I’ll try again tonight
Closing my eyes
Thoughts traveling back
With smiles and sounds
Echoing of an era
When teachers weren’t clowns
My dreams were of baseball
Playing and winning
Traveling to every nook and cranny
To ballparks all over towns and cities
Everywhere we went
People cheering and booing
When games came to an end
All the neighborhood people
Stood and cheered for us all
We all shook hands
Then we were gone
It wasn’t a dream
When I played as a very young man
It was the way we were
In almost every town
I heard a new word yesterday
My mom and dad never said it
Truth be told
I don’t like the way it sounds
Only the words,
“Home is where the heart is”
Uttered by teachers
Not paid to be clowns
Playing the game
Now long gone
But like mom and dad
Good stuff lingers on
My dad took me to see Jackie Robinson
Maybe I am systemic
Cause the beat in my heart
Still goes on
In voice casting
Cathy and da harv cast winners
It’s not how you look
– Harvey Kalmenson –
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