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Los Angeles Today
(Well, not anymore.)
– Recap –
     The year was 1970, and just about every commercial talent agency not only had a complete in-house recording facility, but many of the bigger agencies were able to boast having multiple recording booths to conduct auditions in. In retrospect, it is kind of fun to know that I was able to be a part of beginning something that remained and grew to such proportions.
     Agents have come light-years in the way of growth; from nothing in the early 1960s to offices that sometimes represent a couple of thousand commercial actors. From the very first basic recording machine to full-scale digital recording, and cyberspace transmission in a fraction of what we would’ve never dreamed possible. The industry has changed, and right before our eyes, almost another complete change is upon us all again. I wondered, then, if the agents would become innovative enough to change along with the industry monster they created. 
     A new monster has arrived! Self-direction and in-home recording studios have become the norm. Talent agents still exist today, but rarely do they have a need to record their talent in-house. Systematically, commercial talent agents became dependent on their actors doing self-direction from their homes. 
Personal note: At Kalmenson & Kalmenson, we still often direct the actors with our same hands-on approach, but the actor may be required to have professional equipment to even record their auditions. All of our teachers have been trained in self-direction as part of our educational curriculum for individual success.
Our Voice-Over Industry Today
     March 2020: Our country together, en masse, entered the era of COVID-19—a worldwide affectation was with us all! COVID-19 has entered year three. All of our team members have been vaccinated and together, hand-in-hand, we’re proud to say Kalmenson & Kalmenson remains here to stay.
“We’re Zoom-ing”.



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