He yelled at God! …I heard him do it


He yelled at God!

I heard him! I heard him do it!

What do you mean? I can’t hear him.

Oh must’ve been sleeping.

I did hear him. He yelled at God!

…I heard him do it.

Let me explain something to you

What was all about

Here’s the case:

Two children

One six, one eight

A shining sky above them

of royalty spawned

They loved their mom

their daddy, their king

Each morning they awakened

more blissful than days before

This joyous family of four

Every day

they found only laughter in store

Of four, then three, two, one

All had gone now

All new roads to trod

far moved, their separate ways

Three live, now on

An abode with strangers remain

Where they once did play

is vacant

So empty of love

where they once did play

Well, I was still dreaming

and after I woke

on a gray April day

It became another morning

what seemed to be

an endless, forever

appearing for merchants

Unable to recap

what struggled before them

Promises never kept

Only prayers to say

Only searching for a higher power

then pondering the likes

If only it might come his way

Then as a reminder

meer but remembered

it came from within

Time to rest

during the grace of sleep


Would God ever yell back?

 Some forty years ago,

or I believe it was then,

if memory permits me to recall,

I wrote a playn

I called my play:

“Too Late for Dreams”

The play was about many

others who might have been like me,

Going through life

posted in weakened position

Revealing itself

A Dad (like me)

A Mom (like she)

Two girls (not nearly as stable as mine)

Their day by day life

better than fine.

What they all were

What they might become

not yet determined by society.

He yelled, early on:

“When is it over?

Too Late for Dreams?”

It was written by me, Harvey Kalmenson, in April 2024 on a gray day.


And some notes along the way: If you have “the want to do so”, you may be interested in what was transpired in the early 1980’s, especially 1983 to be more specific. The song “Flash-dance” was an Oscar winner. While it the song had nothing to do with my play, it nevertheless sets a theme, for the life this particular family expresses a longing to ultimately lead.

-da harv

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