Give Us Our Words Back

     This morning, I was taken by this wonderful piece about twin girls that were born with a serious medical condition. The article told of a successful, twenty-two-hour surgery. One of these tiny, incredibly human, little dolls was rushed back in for a second surgery. That surgery was also successful. The reporter, while describing her condition, said that she was valiantly holding on.

     Valiant –what a wonderfully dramatic and descriptive word. I would venture a guess that we would be hard-pressed to find anyone who hears that word, that doesn’t instantly have a good thought about some good deed, fact, or fiction, from their past. Valiant is one of those great “Knights of the Round Table” words. Heroes and heroines, all in living color.

     In the very moment that I read the word, I was instantly transported way back to another and better time. A time when prior to each movie, the theater’s projectionist would run a film clip of our American flag unfurling in a hefty breeze. The audience response was always the same. Without exception, all of us applauded and cheered. In that era, we were all patriots. World War II was responsible for pulling us all together.
     None of us need or want another world war. What I would like is to have some of my words back. Words that make me think of other words, that make me think of other words, that make me think. In other words, just to be a child for a moment of cheerful nice-ness. Chivalrous, courageous, reliable, romantic, Batman, Superman, Captain Marvel, even the Lone Ranger, and Tonto. Strange how those are the people and the things that carry me to a better place. Maybe if it is only for a few minutes, it still serves to invigorate and provide hopefulness for better things to come. 
     After all, there has to be many more people out there to gain from these words. People who are also reminded of a time when being socially gracious wasn’t a downer. So, if you can find a moment or two, write down a word. A word that takes you to another time. See it in living color the way I did. Let your smile endow you with a new charge of well-being. If you can think it,  it will be there. Imagination was given to us as a tool to be used and enjoyed. Perhaps the next time you feel a little down, recall the word: valiant. Then what happens? I can’t tell you the outcome. I can only imagine.
Uplifting, insightful, loving, humorous, desirable, 
courageous, ingratiating, reliable, and, of course…

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