Gentle Fist


Gentle Fist
Gentle Fist
Gentle Fist
A fist, is a fist, is a fist
as that of a child
Fists are designed to hold things
Some more tightly than others
Fist sizes vary, mostly dependent on age
Basic shapes are the same worldwide
Fists should not be used to hit people
Pundits perch, a thought process from the eminences of those who choose to remain free
When you seek love in your life, never clench too tightly,
Beware, unwilfully squeezing emotionally from what your heart dictates
An unclenched fist will help love grow
 An open hand may signal betterment in your life’s direction
Love is most aptly shown when one relieves the emotional pressure in a relationship by merely relaxing their hold,
especially when the grip has been strained and relentless
A clenched fist can never be held for a lifetime.
 Fist pumping is usually a good thing to do, but not always;
Sporting events, yes; “bad” news about a relationship, no.
(For example, if she tells you she doesn’t want to see you anymore, and you celebrate.)

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