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For Adults & Children of All Ages



(not necessarily to be believed)

I’ll begin another of my harangue-type of Sunday communications to all of my favorite people out there in “reading land”, who mercifully have fallen onto my bandwagon of followers. Please be advised, mine is the form of wagon one becomes hooked on. To the best of my knowledge to date, no “da harv’s wagon’s anonymous”, has yet been formed. If there were to exist, on this planet, a place for readers for every human conglomeration of people in existence, I would pray they could fit on “da harv’s wagon”.


Occasionally, da harv is forced to inflict his admittedly soapbox approach to life in his own inviable manner. Please don’t judge me for offering my unsolicited advice.

These days and times are becoming more and more problematic for those of us who, as tradesmen, take part in what is often less than a time-honored profession. We find ourselves immersed in the difficult task of making a living, let alone the mistake and or driving force of having stardom as our goal.


                                                                         Extras lining up in front of Paramount Studios in the 1920s.

Photo: Bettmann/CORBIS

Sure the bad times are upon us, and they have become a driving ingredient for substantial complaint(s). But be advised, in the event you are oblivious to the history of acting… lack of work has always been our plight!

I’d like to offer what follows as a short reminder of what deters an actor from career success. I refer to it simply as bitterness. Here’s the word from a guy who has experienced a smattering of success in his many years of directing.

When I’m lucky enough to be working, I can’t believe they’re paying me to do what I do. Actors and producers have added to my life, not taken from me. Sure, there have been some bad times, things along my way. Some should have been foreseen. Others were unexpected.

But with it all, I ask you this one simple question: Have you ever experienced elation over what you have experienced as a performer? Your assignment is to make them laugh, and make them cry. Then accept the applause as payment in full. It’s yours to hold on to. To squeeze with joy, and above all, wear it on a sleeve for all around you to pick up on.


Up and down

In and out

All around town

Try not to share bitterness

It rarely cultivates success

Draw a visual of a good time past

Take it with when you audition

From da harv’s heart

I’ll help you make it last


Harvey Kalmenson

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