Fifty Years of Questions

Hi everybody. Da harv here and I guess I’m gonna be talking about the last forty-five years I’ve spent messing around in this thing that’s inappropriately referred to as a business. Doubtful if we could or should ever remotely consider the assertion: Show business as a business. Well it really isn’t a business, it’s a condition of the heart. Any mentally well-balanced human being would ever aspire to professionally. Once you’re in it, it’s pretty hard to get out of it. Equally as hard to stay with it.

And a very short commentary of how we got into this “the first go around” if you might say it. Da harv got married too soon for words, to express one of the great misevaluations of how the practice of air indulgence, in order to breathe properly could possibly work. Plus at the beginning mistakenly undervalued by the similar experience of then having two children to support.

While struggling to breathe, I whispered, “I do” (oy). Maybe I shouldn’t have been even met the first person I fell in love with. But even before that, taking an acting class in high school from a rather beautiful unemployed actress who became a teacher. Go figure that out (another oy). Oh well, what the hell. Most of us, especially guys, miss some of the more important things while going through the trials and tribulations of growing up. Growing up if we can ever really tune in on that one.


And so…here we grow again. Forty five years of still trying to figure things out. Someway, somehow, da harv remains paddling up stream. Cathy and I continue our attempted attack at staying in the game of our choice. Our motto is “Keep paddling or you’re going down my friend”. For us, it’s all about people. Voiceover, another acting craft. One day at a time. Each and everyday of one’s life, everyone must learn something new in order to practice their craft properly. Reflection in order to tell the truth. Think about it, and then without hesitation look them right in the eye and share what you have learned about how to paddle. That’s all it’s about. If you find what I’ve just relayed to you being this difficult thing to do as one might perceive. My friend, you’re on the right road to success. Being a winner is a difficult task to come by.

During the course of my last fifty years of life, learning and educating people with my gleaned knowledge has provided a spiritual blessing I never would have dreamed possible. So from here on out. You’re all welcome to write me via email, an industry question, or anything else you’d like to share with me and my world. This isn’t a hurtful kind of request. Please don’t offer a “get even” kind of thing.

And during the course of the many years I’ve been at this craft of directing. I’ve been asked more than once who my favorite two male or female actors have been. And you’d think that’d be a tough question to answer but you know what? Deep respect to everybody I’ve ever directed. Somehow, someway the same few people keep popping up. Ed Asner and Brock Peters on the male side. Each had something special going for them. That someway, somehow, it did separate them from the rest. And again someway, somehow, I really deeply identified it with both of them. Ed Asner and Brock Peters. On the female side it was much easier for me. Lucille Ball and Cloris Leachman. Two special women amongst all the other special women that I’ve directed

Ed Asner

Brock Peters

Lucille Ball

Cloris Leachman

Ok here, Stop The Presses!

This just came to me here.

The last time they had an earthquake in the New Jersey area of the east coast was back in the late eighteen hundreds. It’s early on Friday morning folks, April 5th. I’m at work here, freely trying to finish my regular Sunday musings, when Fox news (would you believe) interrupted to let me know about the 4.8 earthquake. Well, so far they report no injuries have been caused. However, both the republicans and the democrats have blamed each other for causing the possible earthquake damage. At an immediate Whitehouse press conference it was announced that there is definite proof that placing “razor wire” at the Texas border was of no help in stopping the earthquake. Unexpectedly we heard a whispered voice reading how it reminded him of the one they had in Delaware when he was very young. While his voice was not recognizable. It did however sound quite old, to this voice casters ears. Peter Doocy, following the press conference allowed, how the voice sounded like the president to him. The fact is Peter, you’d better get your story straight; The president didn’t move to Delaware until he was ten years of age.


And in case you’re interested… Biden was born in 1942 in Scranton, Pennsylvania. When he was 10 years old, his family moved to Claymont, Delaware. What’d you know about that?

Ok! I’ll be darned. Another press out! Another press release. Again. This just in. Yeah!

The governor of New York has been handed a slip of paper from an unknown source showing proof positive that another note from an unknown source proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that one of Donald Trump’s children who had studied science while attending P.S. 233 in Brooklyn was the culprit responsible for the massive earthquake. Now there you go! You go girl! You go! Now that’s what I call accurate reporting.

Don’t you think? Accordingly, since I am the only living remnant of my graduating grammar school class at P.S. 233 who is still managing to breathe well enough to survive. It could have been me that actually managed to make the earthquake happen.

Remember… you heard the truth first and foremost right here from da harv.

Blessings on all your heads!

-da harv

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