Favorite Words on Life’s Display

I can’t help the way I grew up nor the fact I continue to practice many of those habits.
This was and still is, the personal and nature-made environment, or milieu in which I choose to live. 
And though what might occur in one’s life or lifetime may not be his or her choice, in my case, it was a driving force behind the determination for what my working and living craft would be.
        We may, or may not, regard ourselves as being in control. In my case, it is doubtful if there ever was anything remotely experienced which could have been described as control. My Mother was a true gambler at heart. Her belief was that all in life was a crapshoot, at best. Her argument with my Father was always the same: “I’d rather be lucky than skillful, anytime”, she’d tell him with a raised voice. Privately, when Mom wasn’t around, Dad would make sure to let me know of his feelings. “Your Mother, and all of her family, are a bunch of gamblers. None of them know what they’re talking about!” The difference between my Mother and Father’s delivery was that he spoke in a much quieter manner than she did. Dad’s reason was a simple one: he didn’t want her to hear what he was telling me. 

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        If I had to draw a conclusion regarding which one of my parents had the right idea about life, I’d have to say they were both correct. My Mother believed if you play cards, one day you’d be dealt a winning hand. My Dad on the other hand believed if you studied and trained hard, one day you’d be better equipped to handle a bad hand you were dealt. In my life, to date, I’ve experienced both my parents’ philosophies during my travels.
NOTE: Meaningful fact of life!
March 2020 began as another successfully, enjoyed adventure for the Kalmensons’. Our educational department was experiencing banner enrollments: twenty classes at three locations, being taught by the most outstanding sixteen teachers, in the field of Voice Over Training for actors, in the country.
        It appeared my Father was correct. Catherine and Harv had worked hard during the previous twenty-five years; our hard work, skill, and often maddening integrity were paying dividends far greater than we might have imagined. And as the accolades came in, we both thanked God for our good health and monetary rewards!
NOTE: One more fact of life!
By March 14, 2020, COVID-19 had taken control of our card game. Our three locations with twenty classes, sixteen teachers, and capacity enrollments, were all canceled in one merciless fell swoop and a sickening quiet took hold.
        It appeared my Mother was correct. Catherine and Harv had worked hard during the previous twenty-five years; our hard work, skill, and often maddening integrity were paying dividends far greater than we might have imagined. The accolades continue! We both thanked God for our good health, and the monetary rewards we know will return because we are definitely staying in the game.
Shuffle them cards
And deal ’em
Someplace out there
Waiting and watching
What will be, will be
We’re still prepared
We may be six feet apart
But our hearts are not!
Behind the Song: Kenny Rogers, "The Gambler" « American Songwriter
        God is running the house—gambling house, that is. Where is it written that you’re in charge? You may be able to say whatever you like, thinking there’ no consequence to bear but the facts of life support a very strong, single premise: there’s always a consequence. It may not reveal itself immediately, but there will come a moment in time when the guy who sets the house rules will send you a personal reminder of how he really expects the game to be played. From out of nowhere he decides to send a message to everyone on his planet. It may merely be a single moment in time, or it might be one of the, apparently useless, world war encounters or a thing the pundits didn’t have the nerve to categorize as a war. They referred to it as the “Korean Conflict”; it began seventy years ago. Thirty-nine thousand Americans were killed. I served and was one of the lucky kids who God’s dice game favored. Today, our pundits refer to this consequence as a virus.
Get some rest.
In twenty-four hours, another hand will be dealt.
I pray you’ll be ready!
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