Listening in

While visiting almost
Every age of the past
A child was heard to ask
Why don’t we live forever
Why don’t all the good things last
Why do people have to hurt
Especially towards one another
Why was a friend’s father taken
Another one’s mother, the same way
When will I go back to school
Will my friends be there
So we can play
Daddy’s home!
He’ll know what to say

First, as a single strand seemingly a gentle struggle without fear, seeking direction, all life has this similarity. All with a blossom uncovered, recovered, born, and reborn.

We listen before we are able to see.

We hear before we are capable of understanding.

We interpret at nature’s will, some with more spirituality than others.

As in clouds before breeze becomes a wind we drift. Gentle zephyrs bring nor bear warning. And, if at first light there is truly light, do we treasure it?

Do we pray for its lasting glow?

Are we aware that shadows are destined to fall, covering us, though more gently for some, never equal; this being nature’s shade.

Then without a herald, darkness comes. And finally, it is within my contemplation, my study, and my search for knowledge that a reasonable answer brings a degree of meaning.

The process of learning is the process of growth. Discovering contemplation as a major component will continue to nourish our life’s journey. Far more joy would be derived if this awakening would come sooner than later for all of us, but awakening is part of nature’s domain.

There is no need for anyone to wait.

We are born with the ability to process. Some discover it sooner than others. Some are not destined to ever discover they are endowed with the ability to spiritually engage the true process of life.

The light, the shadows, and the darkness will ultimately become part of each of our contemplative journeys. But inherent in all of us is the ability for learning. And without learning, our growth is impossible.


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