Comparing Notes

I suppose it was an obvious thing to happen at a memorial service for the likes of Robert Easton. Sixty-four years or more of building credits is understandably mind-boggling. The scroll of names of the people he had coached through the years appeared in an endless parade on a full size movie screen, which had been set up in order to chronicle, and celebrate his lifetime. The afternoon was just what Robert Easton’s adopted daughter Heather (Perry) had planned it to be, a full and complete celebration of a mans life.

The affair was held at the Sportsmen’s Lodge, in the San Fernando Valley. About two hundred invited guests gathered together at the luncheon, which transpired for about four hours. There were many highlights, but the most endearing for me were the short tributes presented by Forest Whitaker, Juliet Mills, Maxwell Caldwell, and John Travolta; all of them having been coached many time by Robert Easton.

Admittedly, I do dread any thought of attending or participating in presentations having to do with death. This however turned out to be one of the more pleasant experiences. Cathy and I both had the highest degree of admiration for Robert Easton. I can’t imagine anyone who might be considered a finer gentleman. In an industry known for its relentless volume of disappointments, Robert Easton for a lifetime managed to bring cheer and great tidings to all those he touched.

Robert Easton added to the lives of all around him. Thankfully he included Harvey Kalmenson.

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