Keep the past present…

Opening the pages of a book

As if given a gift

Though difficult to explain

Knowing becomes magical

Often, when we least expected

Another’s writings stimulate

Forever yours to read well

From a great distance

An old story

A new storyteller has to tell

Surprise becomes a man’s theme

I do muse

Often times a lot

From many years in my past

Reliving a scene or two

This lady recalled a distant muse of mine.

Did cypher from my personal remembrance space musings

Hers became mine

From thirty-one years of trying

What partial divines has wrought

Mere musings of this storyteller

My ninetieth birthday

November 28, 2023 

Thank you, Catherine! It was sublime!

“da harv” 

And to all of my friends out there who took part in the Cathy Kalmenson & Kalmenson home movie celebration of my 90th birthday, one more “muse”.

(All I ask) “Please say hello to anyone out there who knows me”.

-Harvey Kalmenson.

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