How far that little candle throws his beams!
So shines a good deed in a naughty world.
-Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice-

        Often I agree, often I may not. Often the world does exceed the term ‘naughty’, expressed by the great bard. Often there are times in our lives when only a single question mark can do the job. I feel this is one of those inexplicable periods.
        Yesterday’s likeness of our candle’s little beam of light shown brightly for the two of us. It wasn’t a miracle canceling out a naughty happening; far less you’re sure to agree than any merchant might provide.
The 2020 World Series came alive. Our Los Angeles Dodgers provided a gleaming forbearance as a temporary salve, the ailment we—friends and foe, together, total populous—suffer from a willing commitment to destroy all that is good in life.
        During three-plus hours of delight, all candles burned brightly. Our Merchants of Los Angeles provided new energy allowing cheers to ring out. And within this brief respite, all who love the “Blue” were thankful for today, and high-fived when the final out took place. We wondered if tomorrow would bring more of the same: a time upon us all to practice high-fives, and bright and shiny candles caused by the reflection created by a full house, all cheering together, as our Dodgers take it all, as if the merchants were paid for money loaned, when masks were gone, and smiles were happily displayed.


This news update (on Thursday, 10/22/2020), just in:
        In another part of this country of ours, namely the innards’ of a place known as Florida, a team named the Tampa Bay Rays, managed to even the series with the Los Angeles Dodgers at one game apiece. So while some folks have an overabundance of population morphing good fortune, we, the Dodgers fans of the world, will remain with chins up high; tomorrow is a new day for us. Today is Thursday, and no games are scheduled. We’re going to kick back and watch Biden and Trump elucidate our voting world.

Dodgers & Rays tomorrow, Friday! Go Blue!!

We all have a great Sunday to relish.


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