That’s Life

Life Can Be A Rim Shot

“That’s Life”

Please don’t let it pass you by

You may have noticed as time fleets by we folks experience some vagaries which manage to jump out at us. Some can actually be mild blips that become merely a momentary bumpy swatch on our road toward success. Others come as unforeseen rearmament needed to safeguard one’s family or friends.

Years ago, a standup comedian named Henny Youngman used some of his personal life stories while telling about one or more of life’s incidents depicting in a rapid-fire comedic fashion, ending with “rimshots”.

A rimshot [a snare drum technique] when used to accent the punchline of a joke being told by a live comedian may or may not simultaneously be played with a small cymbal crash. This was popularized in standup comedy by comedians performing at the resorts in the Catskill Mountains region. Many of these comics were known as “Borscht Belt comics”. The best illustration of how a rimshot might be applied to a comedy routine is to look at the classic style of Henny Youngman who in addition to playing a violin would tell fast-paced, one-liner type of jokes. His most famous line was “Take my wife… please!”; after he said “please”, it was the drummer’s duty to play a rimshot to punctuate the humor and generate laughter from the audience.

What follows:

An unpaid commercial for Catherine Kalmenson

Written, produced, directed, and spontaneously given some blood for by da harv

Wednesday was all hers—lock, stock, and barrel—on display and without reservation. Cathy’s love for people is always unmistakably presented. It is her desire to help any and all within her sight and sound to share in preparing for what life may place in a human being’s term of working, or plainly dealing with preparing to reap the rewards of success no matter what may occur.

Vision Workshop

Thursday, as an aftermath of Wednesday evening, was Cathy’s day to have and to hold on to the joys of people saying, without any form of equivocation, how much they enjoyed the pleasure of experiencing nothing but the truth. This form of vision workshop presented a personal chance to allow the concept of inspiration to take hold

Especially when considering what the previous couple of years have been for most of us, this would be a great time for all of us to believe in and offer a touch of joy and inspiration for what we have been given today. Tomorrow may be the brightest and shiniest day you’ve ever experienced. If that happens to be the case, don’t be afraid to share it with someone like me. Please stay tuned to hear about what our own Cathy Kalmenson & our Education department will soon be sharing. It’s all good stuff!

“Take my wife… please!”—Study with her, that is.

Harvey Kalmenson

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