…the simplest of words bring with them the most meaningful connotations.

Ergo, and similarly the most truthful and least demanding verbal delivery, emotionally speaking, requires the least amount of bombastic clout in order to establish thoughtful meaning.

I.e. Many moons ago, da harv, while providing counsel to a dear and good friend of his, without charge I might add, provided this simple instruction: “Boast, brag, and cater to the (prospective) clients’ desires.” Within a day or two he got back to me, and simply stated how what I told him really worked.
(It was for a very well-known product, so I’ve omitted the name.)
Da harv: “It really makes me feel good when I know it’s the very best there is, though it is a little pricey.”
My friend’s slogan became: “It makes me feel good when I buy the very best there is!”
Oddly enough, and perhaps, believe it or not, the exact quote was taken from the musings of the famous showman of yesteryear, the renowned producer, director, lyricist, nightclub owner, and Broadway “Man About Town”, Billy Rose. His famous quote, as taken from the pages of “Reader’s Digest” magazine: “If you really care about someone, buy them the best there is!” Supposedly it was said just as the stock market was crashing in 1929. What Billy was getting at, simply stated, was a guy could buy his lady the most expensive bar of soap made in that time period for about two bucks. Billy was quite the impresario in his day.

This bar of soap, or circular wedge, is by Creed and may be found at Bloomingdales for about $60.00.

And if it’s your desire to really let him or her know how very grand they are, write a short handwritten note, with just a touch of the store’s perfume sample.

Advice to the lovelorn: Don’t skimp on the quality of the wrapping paper.


Harvey Kalmenson

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